A large majority of wealth advisors who serve high-net-worth individuals (hnwi) report that their clients want more philanthropic advice than the advisors believe they can provide. By working with PROSPERA, wealth advisors can broaden their services on favorable terms while strengthening their relationship with clients.

strategy consulting. Only 4 percent of hnwi consider themselves experts on charitable giving. Our one-day, five-part strategy retreat​, which will take place wherever the wealth advisor chooses, 

enables participants to clarify and focus their giving.

due diligence & sourcing. For hnwi considering a new major gift or wishing to assess a gift already made, we will evaluate, as directed by the wealth advisor, an organization’s strategy, finances, management, and results. We will also identify and evaluate new potential recipients.

for more information, read about our approachdownload our prospectus, learn what our clients say about us, or watch our video series on strategy.