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Our strategy audit provides allows start-ups, non-profits, philanthropies, and established businesses with a prompt, affordable, independent, and practical evaluation of their strategic plans.

The Harvard Business Review declares, “Your Strategic Plans Probably Aren’t Strategic, or Even Plans.” A McKinsey survey finds that 90 percent of strategies pass fewer than seven of McKinsey’s ten viability tests, and two-thirds pass fewer than four. Studies consistently show that only 10 percent of organizations achieve what they hoped their strategic plans would enable them to do.

Whether you drafted your strategic plan internally, developed it with a consulting firm, or inherited it from your predecessor, taking an “outside view” of your plan is practically impossible. Confirmation bias and a reluctance to question sunk costs leave a large majority of executives unaware of flaws or unwilling to express doubts.


Our strategy audit will allow your organization to candidly discuss and rapidly improve your strategic plan, vastly reducing your risk of wasted resources, internal conflict, damage to relationships with investors or donors, and unsustainable service to customers or beneficiaries.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss a strategy audit for your organization. 

What does the audit include?

  • A written assessment of least 1,500 words, including specific recommendations, of your organization’s strategic plan and relevant financial documents.

  • A 90-minute video or telephone consultation to review the assessment with up to seven members of your organization’s staff and board.


Who will conduct the audit?

Mitchell Muncy, PROSPERA’s founder and principal.

How long will it take?

Clients can expect to receive our assessment within two weeks of signing an agreement and submitting their strategic plan and financials. The consultation will take place as soon as possible after we submit our assessment.


What will it cost?


For organizations whose annual budget is under $3 million, the fee is $3,200 for strategic plans of 5,000 words or fewer (approximately nine single-spaced pages in 12-point type).

Full payment is due at the time an agreement is signed and is not refundable.

for more information, learn what clients say about us, listen to our podcast, or watch our video series on strategy.

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