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Our strategy sequence allows start-ups, non-profits, philanthropies, and established businesses to complete a board-approved strategy - ready for use with investors, donors, and other stakeholders - in as little as one month

Organizations often approach strategic planning in ways that guarantee aggravation and disappointment. Executives complain that their boards try to interfere in management decisions; boards complain that executives want uncritical approval. Tense, rushed “strategy days” and board meetings ignore both questionable assumptions and viable alternatives, producing strategies and plans that are “pious statements of the obvious presented as if they were decisive insights.”

Over five sessions and three consultations, our strategy sequence will allow your board and managment to work together productively on strategy. We will focus on a small number of key questions, with discussions structured to relieve unneeded pressure and encourage individual and group reflection even as you make steady progress toward a clear, distinctive, and practical strategy.

Through the strategy sequence, you will craft a strategy in which your management and board have confidence, while vastly improving their relationship.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss a strategy sequence for your organization

What does the sequence include?

  • Five 90-minute sessions with up to twelve members of your staff and board. 

  • Three additional 90-minute consultations with your staff.

  • Four guided assignments, including the drafting of a strategic plan for board approval.

  • A choice of formats: Remote (all activities by videoconference) or hybrid (three sessions, one consultation, and one assignment in person).


Who will conduct the activities?

Mitchell Muncy, PROSPERA’s founder and principal.

How long will it take?

It is possible to complete the sequence within one month of the first session.


What will it cost?


For organizations whose annual budget is under $3 million, the fee is $15,000.


What are the terms?


Full payment is due at the time an agreement is signed and is not refundable.

for more information, learn what clients say about us, listen to our podcast, or watch our video series on strategy.

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