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A full engagement lasts 6 to 24 months and includes our complete program of services:

initial assessment. An early professor of design insisted that the formulation of a problem is the problem. It sounds obvious to stress clarity on what an engagement should accomplish, but organizations often fail to define success in advance.

comprehensive evaluation. We  undertake a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of your organization or concept, studying its current or proposed mission, management, business model, market position, finances, and approach to performance measurement.

white paper. In light of our evaluation, we produce a paper of 5,000 to 10,000 words discussing our findings and making recommendations for consideration during the development of your plan.

strategy sequence. Our strategy sequence will allow your organization to  complete a board-approved strategy, ready for use with investors, donors, or other stakeholders. We also offer the strategy sequence as a separate service.

plan development. Even the best strategic advice is worthless if the organization lacks the capacity to act on it. Building on what is realistic in the near term, we work with you to develop a longer-term plan with clear priorities and means of evaluation.

coaching through execution. We advise you as you begin to implement your plan and continue to support you with up to 40 hours of further coaching during the year following the engagement.

interim executive management & search. When a new strategy requires a change in management, we assist as necessary, taking an interim executive role in your organization or conducting a search for permanent leadership.

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