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Is strategy a real discipline, or just a buzzword?

Our Founder and Principal, Mitchell Muncy, answers in this two-minute video. TOP

Whom will I be working with?

All clients work with our Founder and Principal, Mitchell Muncy. We also draw as needed on our network of senior experts from a range of fields. TOP

Whom does PROSPERA expect to work with?

Since strategy concerns the organization as a whole, our work returns maximum value to the client when we directly assist those in a chief executive, executive chair, or equivalent decision-making roleTOP

How can I get sense of what it would be like to work with you?

We produce an ongoing series of short videos on strategy, which gives prospective clients a sense of what it would be like to work with Mitchell Muncy, as well as an idea of his approach to strategy. TOP

Do you have former clients I can speak with?

We offer numerous client testimonials here and in our prospectus, and Mitchell Muncy offers testimonials here and on his LinkedIn profile. As a matter of policy, we do not provide client contact information or introductions, but many of our clients have made their information available on LinkedIn or their own websites. TOP

May we meet before I decide whether to hire you?

We are usually unavailable to meet in person before we have signed a contract with you, but we are happy to answer questions by phone or email. Nevertheless, we ask that you review the information on this site and in our prospectus before contacting us. TOP

Will you help my organization raise money?

We believe difficulties in fundraising reveal underlying questions of strategy and management that need to be addressed before fundraising tactics or initiatives will reach their potential, as Mitchell Muncy explains below. We are confident that applying our advice will increase your fundraising capacity, but we do not consult on fundraising separately, assist with specific solicitations, or provide referrals to potential donors. TOP

Will you manage a specific project, program, or function for my organization?

Our work returns maximum value to the client when applied to the enterprise as a whole, and we focus on an organizations corporate strategy and management. When appropriate, we will accept an interim executive role with an organization or assist in the search for permanent senior leadership. TOP

What if I already know my problem, and I just want someone to implement my solution?

Those inside an organization, regardless of their experience, face the persistent and often insurmountable challenge of achieving and maintaining an independent perspective. Moreover, the temptation is always strong to look for convenient, short-term fixes in the hope that patient, longer-term solutions will be unnecessary. For these reasons, we believe our work returns value to clients who approach us precisely because they want us to develop our own point of view on their situation and recommend steps we believe will be effective. TOP

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