Offered as a separate service, our one-day, five-part strategy retreat leads participants to develop a strategy that is conceptually clear and internally coherent, which responds to the environment in which their organization operates, and which they can communicate effectively. Hosted off-site if possible, the retreat accommodates up to seven people and may be conducted in one full day or over two consecutive half-days.

The retreat is suitable for mission-driven organizations; philanthropists and their families; wealth advisors and their high-net-worth clients; family offices; foundations; and donor-advised funds. The retreat is particularly beneficial before an organization, initiative, or philanthropy has been established and substantial resources committed to its work. We also conduct retreats for programs of larger organizations.

The retreat begins with a thorough discussion of what strategy is and why it is

necessary. The four exercises that follow cover conceptual clarity, internal coherence, external fit, and effective communication.

It is important to emphasize that the retreat is not facilitative, but developmental. Its purpose is not to help participants reach a consensus on
what should be done, but clarity and alignment on what decisions need to be made and how. Participants should come ready to be challenged and to challenge each other.

The fee for the strategy retreat includes readings, consultant travel and expenses, and under certain conditions, the cost of the meeting room, breakfast, lunch, and refreshments. Participants should be willing to complete a brief assignment in advance without consulting each other.

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