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strategy consulting. Half of high-net-worth individuals (hnwi) do not have a giving strategy or budget, and nearly this proportion acknowledges they have difficulty determining their giving priorities.

Our strategy audit and strategy sequence​ provide philanthropists and family offices with the necessary foundation for clarifying, focusing, and evaluating their giving.

due diligence & sourcing. Over half of hnwi say they do not know whether their gifts have accomplished what they intended, yet a large majority of all hnwi

evaluate the organizations they support based mainly on what the organizations say about themselves.


Whether you are considering a new major gift or evaluating a gift already made, PROSPERA does the analysis of an organization’s strategy, finances, management, and results that will enable you to make informed decisions. We will also identify and evaluate new potential recipients based on your strategy and priorities.

for more information, learn what clients say about us, listen to our podcast, or watch our video series on strategy.

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