strategy consulting. Whether through a full engagement or a day-long strategy retreat​, we help you commit to and act on the small set of integrated choices which will allow your organization — non-profit or for-profit — to be distinctive and indispensable.


Our Open Access service provides consulting throughout the year on your most pressing questions of strategy and management.

due diligence. David Packard observed that “more businesses die of indigestion than starvation.” Establishing a new organization, or adding substantially to an existing one, is almost always more complicated than it appears, and the cost of poor decisions can be high. Before you commit your resources, we evaluate the proposed organization’s or initiative’s coherence, distinctiveness, and potential to attract the support it will require.

crisis management. Non-profit organizations experience the same risk and volatility as any for-profit business. We assist you in stabilizing the organization and managing its reputation while building for the future.

interim & start-up executive management. Whether an organization is preparing to launch or experiencing an unexpected change in leadership, a board of directors may be tempted to select new senior managers too quickly. We provide interim or start-up leadership, an independent assessment of the organization, and executive search, giving the board the time and assistance it needs to choose the best leaders for the organization.

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